Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I have 5.5 weeks until my due date.  (And yes, I totally count half weeks.  Those half weeks are VERY important for me to acknowledge - simply for my mental health.)

I suppose it's time for another little update.

My headaches/migraines persist.  Physical therapy helped a little bit, but they are still there all day every day.  So, I decided to try an occipital nerve block (ONB).  Basically they shot lidocaine and steroids into the base of my skull.  The hope was that the steroids would take down the inflammation surrounding the nerves so that I wouldn't have pinched nerves going in to my brain any more.

ONB's can work for three days, three weeks, or three months (or not at all).  I've had some mixed success.  It took my headache pain level down to about a 4 (which is the lowest it's been in the past 15 weeks) for parts of some days.  So, that has been good and successful.  However, I still have daily headaches and they still get intense.  BUT, I do think the headaches are related to my occipital nerve, so that's a good thing to know.

I am going to try a new neurologist.  My neurologist is okay, but not great.  He is super booked (like it takes two months to get an appointment) and when you are dealing with awful pain, that just isn't okay.  Plus, he just tries to give me meds that I'm not comfortable with in pregnancy, but he doesn't really try and work around that (and spends all of three minutes talking to me).

I think the frustrating thing about being sick during pregnancy is that doctors kind of brush you off.  Most of them just say, "That may or may not be related to pregnancy.  If it's still there after you have the baby, then we'll do something about it."  Which is all fine and well, but when that means you have to have daily migraines for 4.5 months (or you have bronchitis for the third time), that doesn't seem like a very viable option.

Anyway, enough about headaches.

I have most of the typical third trimester symptoms (heartburn, vomiting, pain, pressure, etc.).  Which, while uncomfortable/unpleasant/annoying, were to be expected and endurable.  My swelling is getting really awesome. Brian tells me that my feet look like chubby toddler feet.  He's right.  It makes me laugh now when I look at my feet.  I'm also getting carpal tunnel in my right wrist, but I'm hoping a wrist brace will help that out.

Swimming is pretty much the most amazing thing right now.  We were down in St. George over the 4th and I spent hours upon hours in Christie's pool every day (my parents pool was, unfortunately, not finished yet).  It was seriously heaven.  We have a neighborhood pool, but it is usually overflowing with tons of unsupervised children, so it's not as relaxing.

Baby boy seems to still be doing well.  He kicks and rolls quite a bit.  I think he is running out of room in there.  I have been telling him that it's okay for him to come sooner than later, but I don't think he's listening.  He is still up very high and flips between head down and transverse quite a bit.

Progress is being made on his room.  We have most of the stuff we need, so now it's more a matter of organizing and washing and just getting things together.  My goal is to have most of that stuff done by 36 weeks, so that I don't have to worry about it the last month of gestating.  It's fun to think about us bringing a baby home to a room we have made just for him.

Overall I'm just tired.  But also excited that I've made it this far and that there is just 5.5 weeks to go!  Being 38 days away from due date definitely helps my mental health (not that I'm counting or anything).

It's definitely weird to have a big belly now.  Lots of times it still doesn't feel that big.  But then other times it feels like someone sewed a watermelon into me.

(And yes, I know it's common for first time moms to go over their due date.  I don't care.  I am pretending he is going to come right on time.)

(And also, watching Brian get excited to become a dad is really fun.  It makes me feel slightly less miserable.)

(Also, sorry no pics this post.  And sorry it turned out to be rather lengthy.)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A few things...

Seriously...?  People actually WANT their kids to dress like a Kardashian?

Toe shoes and Crocs mated.  It wasn't pretty.

Britney is looking rather plastic these days.  


I kind of want this sweater.  And I don't even like horses.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


On the radio today they were talking about how when you are pregnant it is perfectly acceptable to wear sweatpants whenever and wherever you want.  I have to say, I have taken full advantage of this.

This may be the only thing I like about pregnancy (besides the baby at the end, obviously).

Monday, June 16, 2014

Baby Shower!

My mom (with help from Summer) threw me a baby shower last week.

It was so. much. fun.

It was so great to see so many people that I love.

And with everyone else being so excited for baby boy, it made me even more excited for him to come.

And now we actually have baby things!  Which makes it way more fun to set up a nursery and get prepared.

I only took a few pictures (I was too busy enjoying myself), but I need to get some more from my mom and Summer.

Summer and my mom made the cutest baby shower garland.  Summer added some of her most favorite things for babies (plus she made burp cloths for baby out of my grandma's fabric) and my mom filled it with cute things:

And, of course, the cute diaper cake:

And Brian came for a while to help open presents:

After the shower I just felt so happy to have so many people in my life who love and support me.  I have awesome friends and family.  Thank you to everyone who brought delicious food to the party as well!  It was all so good!

(Oh, and I also found out the day of the baby shower that I do NOT have gestational diabetes.  So, let's put that in the (very tiny) WIN column for this pregnancy.  And now I can eat snow cones and not feel bad at all.)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Do you ever come to read my blog just to feel better about your own pregnancy/life?  You probably should.  At least someone should get some entertainment value out of this joke of a pregnancy.  

So, I have bronchitis again.  Third time this pregnancy.  I got the antibiotics and all of that, but they told me it will probably hang around until I deliver (I did have a complete breakdown when they told me that).  As if it's not already difficult enough to breathe during third trimester already.  Some nights it gets really bad and I just have to focus on breathing for 30 minutes or so, so I won't pass out from lack of oxygen.  

My favorite thing is when people continually tell me to "enjoy" pregnancy as much as I can (equally irritating, is when I'm told what a "special" or "exciting" time this is).  I want to ask exactly how I should enjoy bronchitis, vomiting, and migraines all at the same time.  Virtually every day.  Believe me, I am very open to tips on how to enjoy it.  Anyone?

I do feel very blessed, however, to be pregnant.  I can't believe how lucky I am that we got pregnant fairly easily and thus far the baby looks healthy.  

I also am aware that my complete misery is a temporary state (let's hope/pray my immune system bounces back).  

So, I do acknowledge the positives and the great things we have to look forward to.  

Also, we have mostly cleared out the soon-to-be nursery.  So, at least we are making some baby preparations.  

And Brian is still the sweetest.  Last night I got home from work and he had dinner already made and on the table with some lovely flowers.  And he had also gone to Costco (a task that I hate).  He gets me through.  He's going to be such a great dad.

And sorry I have nothing else to write about but pregnancy things these days.  Unfortunately all of the health problems still mean I can't participate in normal life activities - so pregnancy is all I really have going on.  One day that will change.....and then I'll just write about baby things.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Well, I am officially in the third trimester and have just under 12 weeks to go.  That feels like forever.

This post will be in the spirit of documenting this pregnancy (which obviously I am not good at - hopefully I am better at documenting this baby's life outside of the womb), so it's kind of long (sorry).

- The headaches/migraines persist.  My OB gave me some meds that did nothing.  She was worried about my headaches, so she referred me to the neurologist.  Of course it took several weeks to get in to the neuro, and once I did, he told me that my sub-occipital muscles are extremely swollen (those are the muscles that your nerves have to pass through to get from the spine to the brain).  Who knows why these muscles are swollen, but they are, and basically it's like I have a pinched nerve in my head all day every day.  So, I started physical therapy two weeks ago.  Yes, I go to physical therapy for headaches.  It is helping a teeny bit.  Hopefully I see more progress.

- I failed my one hour Gestational Diabetes screening.  So, now I have to take the three hour test.  Brian told me that I should just plan on having GD, since that's just how my pregnancy is going.  I need to take the three hour test before the 9th - but I am a little nervous because I don't know how I am going not throw up during it.  Speaking of throw up...

- I still am throwing up, but thankfully much less.  It's down to a few times a week instead of a few times a day (yes, I am 28 weeks along and still have morning sickness).

- Apparently all that throwing up is also ruining my teeth.  I went to the dentist and he made me start using a prescription toothpaste and mouthwash to combat the pukes.  And apparently brushing your teeth after you throw up is pretty much the worse thing you can do for your enamel.

- We still haven't bought anything for the baby.  You'd think with 12 weeks to go we might be getting things ready (you know, small things like diapers, clothes, a place to sleep).  Nope.  I guess that's what happens when you feel like death for 6.5 months.

-  Oh, I guess you could say Brian did buy one thing for the baby.  A hoodie from Memphis.  In size 2T.  So, we'll be able to keep him warm in a couple of years.

- I have horrible insomnia.  HORRIBLE.  I wake up a minimum of four times a night and often can't go back to sleep (some of this is due to headaches, but not totally, who knows why I can't sleep).

- Baby boy is a pretty good kicker.  He mostly lies sideways/diagonal in there (which I like, because I can breathe better), but he has started to flip head down more often.  Brian can now regularly see my stomach moving from the outside.  Luckily he thinks it's cute and not creepy.

- My belly is growing.  I'm not great at documenting it, but these are the pics I have taken.

- It was Mother's Day.  I wasn't sure what to think about this Mother's Day, because I haven't given birth yet.  But I also feel like I've sacrificed the majority of my physical (and mental) health for the past 6.5 months, so that probably qualifies me to celebrate somewhat.  My mom got me a cute charm bracelet with a boy charm on it and August's birthstone.  It was sweet.

- Brian is still the most kind, most patient, most caring husband ever.  Seriously, he is constantly trying to make life easier on me and trying to figure out little ways to help me and make me happy.  He's the main reason I have been able to survive.  And believe me, I have not been easy to live with.

- Sometimes I forget that the end result of all of this is having a baby and becoming a parent.  This pregnancy has been so focused on day-to-day survival, that it's easy to overlook the big picture (you know, the whole reason we decided to get pregnant in the first place).  Also, maybe it just helps keep me in denial about the insane life changes that are coming my way.

Monday, April 21, 2014


We made it to St. George for Easter.  I really thought about not going many times (because of the migraines), but St. George for Easter is one of my favorite traditions, and I haven't been able to share it with Brian yet.  My parents also bought a new house down there in January, and it's just a very relaxing place to go.

With my cute husband on Easter day.

It was a pretty low key weekend for me (lots of doing nothing and taking medication), but it was nice to be in a different setting and to have some distractions.  Brian got to golf a couple of times and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and clean air.

There was Easter dinner, Easter brunch, egg dyeing, and two egg hunts.  Milo and Niya were adorable, as always.  Family time is always nice.

Milo is getting to be such a chatter bug and Niya is a sweet as ever.  

Most of the group dyeing eggs after dinner.  

I ended up winning the annual egg dyeing competition (although I'm pretty sure it's just because everyone feels bad for me).  I thought Launa's water color tree egg, Adam's golden egg, and my mom's disco egg were particularly good this year.

A few of the amazing eggs that were dyed.

I decided to try melting crayons to create a splatter effect on the egg.  It really didn't turn out how I envisioned, though.

Overall it was a perfectly pleasant weekend.  And now I am sad to be going back to a full week of work.